NARJ119: Spritzin’ All Over the Place


narj-artworkIt’s been awhile, friends. But never fear, NARJ was just sleeping for a bit. Well okay, what actually happened was we all kind of forgot to mention it was recorded and then we didn’t edit it and then we didn’t do show notes. So this episode has been delayed. Originally recorded in early May you could say it’s a bit overdue. In this one, Joel and Chris talk about soda wine, Hawkeye, and Canadian radio. They also discuss tech evolution in the new Tesla and iPhone models. Enjoy!


  • “Hold on to your butts… and never let go.”
  • “Marshal is Joel’s dog-” “HE’S MY SON.”
  • “Buying a car is like buying a computer – it’s always the wrong time.”

Talking Points

Gear Picks


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