NARJ121: Forming Habits


narj-artworkSince the last episode, Chris and Joel have been through some stuff. Joel is giving not-drinking a try and Chris has just plain had the worst week ever. Habit formation and replacement is the big topic of discussion because of it. How much of our actions are just deeply ingrained habits? Are cultural habits part of why China is dominating the manufacturing industry?


  • “We’re just doin’ a show about stuff and we’re people.”
  • “It’s just like any part of your diet. If some one goes gluten-free and then eats bread 10 weeks later we don’t hate them.”
  • “If you hear something that makes you pause, apply a mitigating balm to it.”
  • “When I do have a drink again, it’s not out of habitual action but with a purpose.”
  • “Go out and support capitalism.”

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