5 Most Popular Episodes


Hey everyone! This week Chris is still having some difficulties with the Spanish internet, so unfortunately no new show this week . Instead we’re going to do something a little different. With episode 100 coming up soon, now feels like a good time to take a look back at our previous episodes. Using our analytics, we’re going to highlight the five most popular Not a Real Job episodes! I determined this based on the pageviews of all episodes ever posted to the site.

#26 – My Brother, My Brother, and Me (and Us)

This episode aired after Chris and Joel had an ad for the show appear on the podcast, My Brother My Brother and Me. Just how will did the ad work for NARJcast? It must have done something to boost the audience and readership since this is the most viewed podcast episode thus far.

#28 – Question Time

For the first time since the podcast started, Chris and Joel actually had a questions to answer!  This is Oz’s first mention on the show and it seems very fitting that she was the first to send in questions to be answered. Also this might mark the first mention of Joel’s interest in doing a whiskey podcast.

#23 – Facebook’s Foggy Future

Ever a topic on Not a Real Job, the uncertaintly surrounding social media and Facebook in particular are discussed in this episode. With how often Facebook changes and and questions are bandied about its relevancy in marketing, it’s no wonder this episode made an appearance on this list.

#37 – Düdlestravaganza

Oz comes on as a guest this episode to talk about her game, Düdle! Lots of discussion on Kickstarter in this episode, too, which is often a talking point on the show.  Maybe like Stephen Colbert, Oz Hatke has her own ‘bump’ to provide to shows she appears on.

#1 – Dogfooding

Of course, the very first episode of Not a Real Job makes the top five! This episode was posted in July of 2013, over a year and a half ago! It’s fun to see how far the show has come in that time – no more pay-wall, new show direction, and now nearly 100 episodes!

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