Episode 26 – My Brother, My Brother and Me (and Us)


avatarWe were on #MBMBaM! This week, we deconstruct the results of our first major ad spot on our favourite podcast (other than ours), “My Brother, My Brother and Me“. Was it successful? Did we see relevant results? How do you turn your body into hot dogs?

Talking Points

  • MBMBaM #185 (with our ad!)
  • Some basic stats, as of recording (measured between Jan 26–Feb 1):
    • 215 unique visitors
    • 480 page views
    • 1.79 pages per visit
    • 01:44 average duration on the site
    • 68.66% bounce rate
    • 78.36% new visitors
    • 370+ new subscribers
  • Key Performance Indicators

Photo by user weathersystems on Flickr. CC-BY-SA.

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