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Looking for a place to start? Here are two of our favorite episodes to give you a taste of what we’re all about:

Episode 18: Managing Employees
Managing employees is a constant challenge, and there are tons of different theories and philosophies about doing it well. Chris and Joel share their different experiences (Chris runs a design company and employs freelancers and Joel leads an in-office team of writers) and give you advice about managing your team and helping them succeed.

Episode 20: It’s Christmas!
Our first Christmas special! Complete with holiday-themed music and bad puns. In this episode, Chris and Joel talk about the importance of writing good well and where to go for help.

We hope you enjoy our show! We’re huge fans of MBMBaM, so we’re thrilled that you’ve decided to come give us a listen.

Episode 24: #BossesSuck


itunes(Sorry for the audio issues on this one! We had a really bad Skype connection) Joel and Chris discuss building and working with teams, and all the things that can make you a leader instead of a manager. Also discussed: how working with remote teams are different from in-the-office teams, how Joel buys his team with drink and gifts (kidding), and other related topics.

It’s a dry episode, but we’ll make it up to you next week.

Talking Points

Episode 23: Facebook’s Foggy Future


itunesThis week we answer a listener’s question about the future of Facebook, give very vague predictions about the future of social media in general, banter a lot, and ignore Joel.

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