NARJ124: It’s a Little Cattywompus


narj-artworkCarrying on from our recent trend, this episode is heavy on the philosophy. How does stoicism and Buddhism fit into today’s world and political climate? Should we be trying to disengage from our emotions and situations or embrace them? Joel and Chris have two different takes on these ideas, but they are both feeling some anxiety and guilt around non-productivity lately. This all manifests into a very thoughtful episode, even if it does start off with TV show pun names and video games.


  • “You get swept up in the lack of drama.”
  • “I’m always feeling that I’m not as productive or as focused or that I’m not putting enough work into my future.”
  • “I wonder if removing yourself and unengaging in a situation is the best course?”
  • “It’s okay to be angry and not do anything about it.”
  • “We’re going to do this anyway so it may as well be something you enjoy!”

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