NARJ132: Awful Awful Squad Squad


narj-artworkOh, you thought NARJ was going to be 100% about business 100% of the time now that it’s back to a weekly schedule? Well, you thought wrong. This episode is mostly about Chris and Joel watching other people play a video game. But don’t fret, it does circle back to business eventually.


  • “What makes the video series beautiful is that they’re bad at it.”
  • “I am definitely in the camp that there’s nothing weirder about watching someone play a video game on the internet than watching someone play a sport on the TV.”
  • “It tends to be better to be known and judged for the things you contribute to the world than the things you take from the world.”
  • “How much do you want to stake your happiness on the decisions of others?”
  • “Don’t negotiate on price, negotiate on value.”

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