NARJ048: Joel’s Welling


avatarJoel doesn’t know what he does and Chris can’t use words. Despite these difficulties we managed to answer a question about photography on the web and talk about the success of Joel’s book crowdfunding.

Let us know your favorite summer cocktail recipes! Hopefully ones to keep us cool in the hot New York and Canadian summer.


  • “Do apples grow on maple trees?”
  • “What I really want is just setting myself up and setting the book up to be a success in the long run.”
  • “You’re not here to be a blogger, you’re here to be a photographer. Might as well just have fun doing that.”

Talking Points


  1. My summer cocktail of choice:

    Ginger Beer
    Lemonade or Lemon Juice
    Muddled Strawberries + ice or Frozen Strawberries

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