NARJ050: Happy Birthday!


avatarWelcome to our 50th episode and one year anniversary of doing the Not a Real Job podcast! Thank you so much for listening! Please send us an email or leave a comment below to let us know what you’ve liked and disliked over the past year. And don’t forget to give us your opinions on Ums, Uhs, and ‘word whiskers’.


  • “I don’t feel compelled to rush out and get advertisers so I can pay someone to do it.”
  • “Make it easy and make it fast.”
  • “Are we a comedy podcast?”

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  1. Congrats guys! I’ve recently subscribed to your podcast, good stuff!

    Re: the iTunes episode count, it looks like you’re using PowerPress for publishing the podcast feed. If you go into the PowerPress advanced settings and find the Feed tab, you can try setting a higher number for “Show the most recent”.

    You might even be able to have more than 100. I haven’t actually tried this myself – haven’t gotten to that many episodes yet. But I noticed that Startups for the Rest of Us has 130 in their feed ( So it’s possible to have over 100 items listed in iTunes.

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