NARJ053: How to Podcast


avatarThe episode you’ve all been waiting for with bated breath is finally here! We have our audio editor, Steve, on the show and discuss how this podcast gets made! From episode outline through to polished MP3.


  • “Joel Kelly knows no shame.”
  • “You should have as many monetary streams as you can.”

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  1. Hey guys! Haven’t been keeping up like I should, but I was thrilled to see this episode up. As a podcast newbie who’s handling all aspects of production myself, it was great to hear Steve’s insights and information on the process. My show’s narrative-driven, so the bits about sound effects and whatnot were especially relevant for me. I’m very curious to hear the next part of this discussion, regarding the promotion process and whatnot. It’s definitely the bit I’ve been struggling with most. Regardless though, thanks for putting this together – it was very helpful to get a behind-the-scenes look at the show.

    So much love for Night Vale – Joel, if you haven’t heard it before, I think you would absolutely love it. You guys have some of my favorites on your lists. Been meaning to listen to Oh No Ross & Carrie for a while… Many friends into it. Also, I think you all forgot to mention A Knight Adrift – your favorite dark fantasy/young adult audiobook-like narrative podcast! 😛 Hehe, couldn’t resist a plug. Thanks again for posting this – looking forward to part #2. Any tips for getting the word out would be incredibly useful. Later, dudes.

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