NARJ059: British Invasion


avatarThis week we finally answer a question again! This one’s about MOOCs, reputation, and whether you should charge for services right off the bat. Chris and Joel also have a little bit more Apple discussion they need to get out of their system. As always, please send us any questions or feedback!


  • “If the stuff that you’re putting out is good you don’t need to worry about building a reputation.”
  • “People don’t know you have interesting trade secrets unless you give away one or two.”
  • “Don’t be afraid to get your name out there!”

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  1. Dear NARJ,

    I really like your podcast and how it talks about business marketing, even though I’m personally not into business. I find it really interesting fun-ny (fun and funny). I also like the little “applecasts” here and there considering I’m a big time apple user. Thanks for mailing a great pocast to listen to and I hope you keep doing it. Thanks!


    P.S. I love the intro and outro music, it sounds like some of the music used by apple in some of their commercials (not that that was intentional, unless it was). I just love this podcast.

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